Privacy Policy

All client personal information is handled in accordance with British Columbia’s Personal Information Act (PIPA BC). This act is deemed “Substantially Similar” to Canada’s federal law, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA). For clients residing outside of BC, PIPEDA may apply.

PIPA BC is upheld and enforced by the Office of Information and Privacy Commission of British Columbia (OIPC).

What is personal Information?

This is any recorded information or data that you identity clients (by name, phone number or address). It can also be any information about an identifiable person (ie. physical description).

What can I collect?

Personal information can be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with PIPA BC for “reasonable purposes” (ie. a purpose that any reasonable individual would think was appropriate). By submitting the Intake Form and communicating information via any means (electronic or otherwise), you are consenting to my collection of that information.

How do I store your information?

All data for my practice is stored and managed by JaneApp, a Vancouver-based company. My email list is managed by MailChimp.

Have questions?

The Compliance Officer is: Lori Henry, owner ([email protected]).